Seismic Upgrades for Earthquakes – Marin County

Earthquake RetrofitShould I upgrade my home? Many existing homes in Marin County that I have inspected are in need of seismic upgrades to help increase their structural safety. Most of the time this doesn’t require upgrading your home to the latest building codes and can be done within a day or two. There are some very simple things that we can do without an engineer, and relatively in expensive.


  • Adding Seismic Upgrades to your home will give it a better chance of surviving the next big earthquake and with less property damage.
  • Seismic upgrades are fairly inexpensive and strengthening your home can add resale value to your home here in Marin County.

When you upgrade the stability of your foundation you will be able to resist earthquake forces to a much greater degree, hopefully saving your home from damage. Living in Marin County we understand very well what an earthquake is. Just because your home survived the 1989 earthquake doesn’t mean that your home will be fine. An inspection is FREE and seismic upgrades are not that expensive. Just the fact you are reading this means you already understand what can happen.

Earthquake basics

There are two basic things that your home experiences during an earthquake, lateral and uplift forces. Lateral forces involve the side to side movement of your home and can shake the house and weaken its frame causing it to slide off the foundation. Uplift forces can cause the house to overturn and lif off the foundation.

The Handyman Can of Marin uses a “continuous load path” to strengthen your home.These connections are critical during an earthquake. We start by making sure the frame is anchored properly, and follow the path to the ceiling joists. Your home will be more likely to withstand an earthquake when each part of the house is connected together.

Do I need to check my foundation?

Are you living in an area prone to earthquakes?

Was your home built within the last twenty years?

Is your home built on a raised foundation?

Is your home built on a hillside?

Is there living space above your garage?

Living in Marin means the answer to most of these questions is yes.

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